Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Citizen Hearing For Clean Energy Solutions

The Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition

Invites You to Join the Conversation at the

Citizens’ Hearing

For Clean Energy Solutions

July 2, 2014
7:00 p.m.
freeFall Theatre
6099 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

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Fed up with the Public Service Commission dismissing the words “public” and “service”?

Let’s take back Florida’s energy future.

We demand more energy savings!

In this year’s Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act proceeding, regulators at the Florida Public Service Commission will decide for the next ten years how much energy Florida’s big power companies will save, and how much solar power they will offer their customers. But the PSC refuses to hear from the public at its “public” hearing on saving energy. Specifically, the Commission Chair stated, “Given the technical nature of this goal-setting procedure and no legislative directive to take public testimony, I do not find it necessary to hold a public hearing.” As a result, the Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition will hold our own public hearing and help individuals submit comments calling on the PSC to enforce much higher goals for Florida’s big power companies to save energy.

Energy efficiency is the most affordable and least risky way for Florida’s energy needs. We could literally avoid the need for new power plants simply by using less energy and using energy more efficiently, while protecting clean air, clean water and limiting climate disrupting carbon pollution at the same time.

Join us July 2 and spread the word!

Make Florida Truly a Sunshine State!

More than twenty business, faith, labor, consumer, public health and environmental groups have formed the new Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition to advocate for Florida’s largest utility companies to invest in clean, local solar energy. We are calling on Duke Energy to invest in solar power to boost Florida’s economy, keep energy dollars in state, and bring clean air to communities.

The Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition includes:
  • All Florida Management
  • Awake Pinellas
  • Brilliant Harvest
  • Clean Water Action
  • Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida
  • Earthjustice
  • Egg Geothermal
  • Environment Florida
  • Florida Consumer Action Network
  • Florida Public Interest Research Group
  • Green Energy Living Systems
  • Greenpeace
  • Gulf Restoration Network
  • Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee
  • Organizing for Action
  • Pear Energy
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Progress Florida
  • Sierra Club
  • SIEU Florida Public Services Union
  • Solar Energy Management
  • Solar Source
  • Solar Trek
  • Sojourner Truth Center
  • Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
  • Sunshine State Interfaith Power & Light

Florida is a vibrant state with unlimited potential to be a clean energy leader, especially through solar. But dirty, expensive and obsolete coal-fired plants like Duke Energy’s Crystal River plant are holding us back.

Mother and child The Crystal River Coal Plant causes mercury pollution, makes our children sick, and generates carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. The Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition, an alliance of business, health and community groups, is launching a petition drive calling on Duke to move beyond coal and toward renewable energy such as solar and energy efficiency.

Tell Duke Energy to shut down its dirty Crystal River plant and move toward clean energy alternatives.

In addition to stopping pollution, clean energy is also good for ratepayers and the economy.   Dollar for dollar, clean energy solutions create more jobs than coal.  Further, the cost of coal is going up, while the price of solar power and energy savings programs keeps going down. Duke Energy can give consumers a break by investing in energy efficiency, which saves consumers money.

Climate Action It's Our Obligation




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The time for coal power is past. Floridians know that the Sunshine State has some of the world’s best solar power potential, and it’s time for Duke Energy to listen and start producing clean energy.

Thanks to the Sierra Club’s Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition for this content.

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